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Category: Pesticide: You must sign up for the Basic Core exam and at least ONE category exam to become certified in that category

Pesticide: Basic Core **REQUIRED FIRST**27.560.00
Pesticide: Commercial Seed Treatment Applicator27.560.00
Pesticide: Aerial Core27.560.00
Pesticide: Agricultural Animal27.560.00
Pesticide: Agricultural Plant27.560.00
Pesticide: Aquatic Weed Control27.560.00
Pesticide: Right of Way Pest Control27.560.00
Pesticide: Custom Aerial62.560.00
Pesticide: Custom Ground62.560.00
Pesticide: Demonstration and Research27.560.00
Pesticide: Forest Pest Control27.560.00
Pesticide: Public Health Pest Control27.560.00
Pesticide: Tree Injector62.560.00
Pesticide: Wood Treatment27.560.00
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